Vexed Telco consumers who experience disruptions every few often shouldn’t hesitate to switch providers. In the recent months, an array of phone disruptions had hit numerous Telstra users. The experiences were far from being pleasant.

In this view, the spokesman of Telco comparison site – Joseph Hanlon – affirmed that in the position of the consumer, one shouldn’t wait for something major to happen to switch providers. In fact, each customer who isn’t stuck with a particular phone contract should just change telecommunication providers. The situation differs for those who have signed a contract with Telco. In this scenario, one should proceed to negotiate and see where that leads.

Switching telco providers – a viable option

Contrary to popular belief, switching providers is effortless. The new Telco does everything on your behalf. Upon completion, your existing contract will be cancelled and officially replaced with a new one, which luckily suits your requirements.

Due to mobile phone number portability, customers are enabled to keep their phone number, even though they change providers – which is a handy option. You don’t have to deal with the tediousness of letting everyone know you’ve changed numbers.

Telstra consumers have experienced a multitude of outages in the last couple of months. The director of Telstra Mobile – Kevin Teoh – made an official declaration, claiming that they’re sorry for the inconveniences. He also added that customers can benefit from free mobile data on Sunday, the 3rd of April. On top of that, in the case of any disturbance, he encouraged customers to communicate their complaints, and the company should assist them with a resolution.

Vodafone – rival Telco provider – aimed at making a profit on Telstra’s disastrous service in the last months, by providing new customers with one-month free access, as long as they do that by the end of Tuesday. Simultaneously, new customers have to switch to one of the many post-paid or mobile broadband plans Vodafone provides.

Weighing the pros and cons

However, before taking it all in, an Optus spokesman affirmed that each customer should carefully weigh the options before making the move and switching providers. The objective should be considering which provider offers the best value for the money paid.

He concluded that each customer should take into consideration a range of aspects when selecting telecommunications providers such as value for money, device range, exclusive content, network reliability, loyalty programs, and rewards. Additionally, before leaving a provider, one should always review the contract, and see which are the remaining costs one might have to pay after leaving.