You must complete and lodge the following forms directly with AFSA or through a Registered Trustee:


If you are voluntarily becoming bankrupt then you must complete a Debtor’s Petition form. However, if a creditor has already petitioned to Court to make you bankrupt, this is not required. Download Debtor’s Petition


You must also complete a Statement of Affairs which will disclose all relevant details of your financial situation. This includes detail of all of your debts, as well as your current assets. Download Statement of Affairs

In order to complete the above documentation you will need to collate the name, address, and amount owed to each of your creditors. You will need full details of your income, personal property which includes such things as house, car, bank accounts, shares, and any money owed to you.

Please Note: There are severe penalties including imprisonment for failure to disclose property or for the concealment or unlawful disposal of property or any item of value.

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