Minimum amount is from $10,000. We can advise your maximum limit over the phone once we have assessed your individual situation.
We can approve your loan over the phone and provide funds in as little as 24 to 72 hours providing we are satisfied that you meet all documentation, loan suitability and ability-to-pay requirements at the time of application.
Yes we certainly can. Unlike the banks, we do not penalise you for being self employed. We have a range of specialist loan options that we can discuss with you.
This is a common scenario – you are certainly not alone. We understand sometimes life can throw tough times at us, and you may have had difficulty with making payments on time. Our consultants will look at your situation and discuss the best finance solutions available to you.
We specialise in helping get people out of arrears. A large percentage of our clientele experience falling behind with their mortgage payments when they come to us.
We will cover any up front costs that may be incurred and recover them once your loan is settled.
We will always try to find the best repayment plan for your personal situation. Debt consolidation would be an ideal option to reduce the interest and save you thousands of dollars. Refinancing is another great alternative.
Part IX of the Bankruptcy Act 1966 is legislation which provides mechanism outside the rigid code of bankruptcy by which insolvent debtors can be relieved of the need to pay debts immediately or in full.

Arrangements made under this can assist debtors to avoid bankruptcy and often provide creditors with a greater or more timely return on their debts than they would receive if the debtor were to become bankrupt.

For more detail information on the provisions of this legislation please refer to the AFSA website.

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