Benefits of refinancing

Refinancing to reduce your current monthly repayments

guide to the savings available to you by refinancing

There are a large number of mortgage providers in the market, all offering rates which vary from competitive to not so competitive. Coupled with changing reserve bank rates, customers need to be mindful of the rate they are paying on their home loan and assess whether or not they would be better off by refinancing their home loan to another provider offering more competitive rates. We can give you a guide to the savings available to you by refinancing to one of our lenders.

save thousands

Secure a fixed, variable or split loan rate

In recent years demand for mortgages has increased. At the same time lifestyles have been continually changing. The mortgage market has had to proactively create a wide variety of products to meet these changing demands. New and flexible products are being continually brought to the market. We work to seek out products suited to your needs and that offer the most competitive interest rates.

Save you thousands over the life of your loan

Manage high interest debts such as credit cards or personal loans Most people looking to manage debts are currently paying high interest rates.

Release equity from your home

In addition to making savings by re-mortgaging, we can also help you to release equity from your home. This equity finance can be used for a variety reasons including:

home equity
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Whatever your circumstances are it may be worthwhile talking to one of our mortgage consultants today about you home loan or refinance requirements.

Our mortgage consultants can provide a free 10 minute mortgage refinancing evaluation over the phone. This is obligation-free and will enable you to make a more informed decision about your finances.

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