Qualifying Debts

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Debts that can be managed into a Debt Agreement

Debts that can be paid off under a debt agreement must be unsecured, which basically means that if you fail to pay what you owe to your lender, they cannot repossess (or take from you) any asset for example, your house, car, furniture, household goods.

The total amount of your unsecured debt needs to be between $10,000 and $88,379.20 to enter into a debt agreement.

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Debt Management
Store card debt

Common examples of unsecured debts

  • Credit card debt
  • Store card debt
  • Personal loans
  • Professional accounts from lawyers, accountants etc
  • Medical bills
  • School fees
  • Utilities and phone bills
  • Unpaid rent from previous tenancy
  • Merchants account debt
  • Trade debt including suppliers
  • Shortfalls on repossessed goods and vehicles

examples of Secured debts

  • Mortgage debt
  • Vehicle repayment debt
  • Secured loans
  • Fines
Mortgage debt

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