Tax bill is going extremely high against alcoholic beverages. For years, many have been thinking of the relation between tax and alcohol. Why is the government charging significant amount of tax with these drinks? Obviously, the government is making huge money out of it. According to studies performed by the Foundation for Alcohol Research and Education or (FARE), Australians have an average alcohol consumption of $32.50 in a week which is equivalent to $1690.00 per year.

Heavy drinkers or simply those who patronize these alcoholic drinks pay much more on their tax bill which is included in every purchase of these alcoholic drinks. If you are tired of doing this, you might want to brew or formulate your own bottle of grog. This is one effective way to cut your tax bill.

Surefire steps to cut your tax bill:

  1. DIY – Among the wide variety of grog available in the market today, beer still tops the list followed by wine. Good news is, these two types of alcoholic drinks are both DIY refreshments. Home brew is easy; all you need to do is to have a superb recipe.
  2. Recipe – Home brewed beer is easier to make. In 6-10 days you can have beer in bottles. You can also try to use enhancements like hops, molasses, licorice and herb teas. Starter beer kits cost $100 which is the cheapest. On the other hand, wine is a bit trickier to make. You can use other fruits like berries, pears or peaches depending on your taste but red grape is always a good choice. Wine kits are also available. Fermentation takes 4-6 weeks. In a matter of weeks you can have a cheap and easy homemade wine.
  3. Practice – Keep on practicing until you achieve your desired taste. You can’t possibly make it perfect in one shot. Continue to do more research in order to develop the flavor.
  4. Labor – The hourly rate of home-brewer isn’t so bad at all. It’s pretty cheap than paying off excessive tax bill.

The idea seems crazy at first and many would not bother to ferment for weeks just to have a drink. Try to imagine the savings you’ll get. It’s just a few bucks but the entire set up or alcohol kit will last a lifetime. It is a form of investment.