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How to Cut Down on your Tax Bill for Alcohol

Tax bill is going extremely high against alcoholic beverages. For years, many have been thinking of the relation between tax and alcohol. Why is the government charging significant amount of tax with these drinks? Obviously, the government is making huge money out of it. According to studies performed by the Foundation for Alcohol Research and […]

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Why A Prenup Agreement is Recommended

More than anything, we appear to be a romantic society, and we all like to think that when we get married, it’s going to be for life. No one wants to go into marriage preparing for divorce because people are idealistic. They want to think that their relationship is different, and it’s the one that […]

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How to Detect Bad Investments

Investments help people obtain more money. Admit it or not, everybody wants to earn money to live a better quality of life and use it in the future. Having multiple jobs is one way to generate cash; however, it requires an abundance of time and energy. If you do not wish to lift a finger […]

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Commuting to Work – Driving vs. Public Transport

When it comes to commuting to work or school, two in three Australians choose to opt for a private car in favour of public transport. In ten Australians, only one relies on public transport.

According to The Australasian Railways Association (ARA), it seems that people who are commuting to work would save sizeable amounts of money […]

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Renegotiating Debts on Credit Cards and Other Debts

Everyone at least once in their lives struggle with money troubles which lead them to get into debt. And if you haven’t been making repayments on time, debt collectors will start to kick your door down until you make repayments. However, if you’re in a really tough bind where you just can’t pay back every […]

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Debt Agreements and Why They’re Not So Scary

Debt agreements seem scary, especially if you’re in the financial position to be considering one. They’re really nothing to be afraid of though, as long as you know what you’re getting into.

Technically a debt agreement is an act of bankruptcy under the Bankruptcy Act of 1966, but it is not the same as declaring it. […]

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Setting Goals and Actually Achieving Them

Whenever you decide to set a goal for yourself, whether it’s a goal to save money for a house, a new car, dieting, exercising, or other self-improvement goals; there is always a few people around you suggesting tips on how to achieve them. And most of the time, they couldn’t even stick to their own […]

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Saving for Retirement Becoming a Thing of the Past

Saving for retirement is like a guarantee that you will not retire empty handed. No one wants to retire without money. There are governments and private institutions which help you secure your future and provide you a retirement pay when you reach a point that you can no longer work. Everyone dreams to retiring in […]

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Selling Your Start Up Business To Investors

All great start ups began as great ideas with no investors. Even billion dollar ideas are not worth anything until investors believe that they are worth investing in. In order to get investors to hear about your start up business and to believe in it the way you do, you need sell the idea. Even […]

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New Financial Year – New Goals

As the end of the financial year is fast approaching, we can all reflect on the financial goals that we set out at the beginning. Have we reached those goals? Were they easily achievable? Were they not?

Whether or not you set any goals for this ending financial year, the new financial year is coming up […]

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