Whenever you decide to set a goal for yourself, whether it’s a goal to save money for a house, a new car, dieting, exercising, or other self-improvement goals; there is always a few people around you suggesting tips on how to achieve them. And most of the time, they couldn’t even stick to their own advices. Granted there are a lot of successful people out there who actually achieve the goals they set for themselves on a regular basis. But not everything can work out the way you plan them. In order to achieve your goals, they must also be realistic, be it challenging or motivational.

After much Googling and attending special talks with industry leaders, I’ve noted down a few ways that can actually help you not just set those goals but also to achieve them.

Setting Goals

Write down your goals – Having it in physical form makes it more real anyway. As the saying goes: put it in writing! And be clear and concise. Don’t write down a vague goal like “I want to lose weight” but instead write down “I want to lose 5kgs within a month”. This will motivate you to achieve the goal and at the end of the month when you achieve this goal, you will feel happy with yourself. If you didn’t succeed, this will motivate you to work harder on your next goal.

Break them down to specifics – Divide your goal into sections or steps. How will you achieve this goal? What’s the first step in doing it? What’s the timeframe? After you finish the first step, what’s the next step? Be clear and realistic with these. Put aside some time to plan it out. The more you plan it, the more motivational and inspirational you will feel to make your goal successful.

Tiny rewards – Achieving your goal is a reward in itself but rewarding yourself for each step you achieve can be good for you, too. It helps to motivate you to work harder. And it also helps you see a better picture of your main goal and work for it.

Failure is an option – Before every achievement, there are always a dozen failures that lead to them. We can’t help it; we’re just human. The good part about failing is it teaches you what not to do and help you find ways to improve. Failure can also incentivise you to succeed in the future.

Most importantly, be realistic – Let’s face it, as much as we want to teleport to many different places with a blink of an eye, we don’t have the technology yet and unless we’re a scientist/inventor, it’s just not achievable for us mere mortals. So make sure your goals are realistic and achievable, albeit challenging.

So stick to these basics and you will be setting goals and achieving them more realistically from now on.