All great start ups began as great ideas with no investors. Even billion dollar ideas are not worth anything until investors believe that they are worth investing in. In order to get investors to hear about your start up business and to believe in it the way you do, you need sell the idea. Even terrible start up businesses get great funding if they have great sales people selling them. There are a few tactics that can be hacked to get investors to start throwing money towards your start up business.

Pitching Your Start Up Business

Pitch your start up idea the way you would to a five year old. A five year old has a short attention span and does not want to listen hard to understand terms. An investor wants to move on to the next new and exciting thing and does not listen time for difficult understand technical jargon. They want it easy and fast so give it to them. If the investor you are meeting does have in depth knowledge on the particular field your start up business is in, then it is best to cater your language to them and use some technical jargon. Make it easy for the investor to understand what they are putting their money into.

Showing how passionate you are about your idea is a powerful way to draw people to your start up business. Investors want to know that you are fully invested and passionate about your start up so it’s important to convey your devotion.

Practice your pitch over and over until you get it right. You will have to peak in front of powerful people that you have never met but might have heard a lot about. You could feel nervous or stressed but if you have practiced your pitch in front of others and have worked out the hooks then you will have greater confidence when it comes time to reel in a big investor.

When you do pitch then there needs to be a sense of urgency. You need to make it sound like this investor is lucky to hear about it and just in time because your start up is about to take off whether they are on board or not. No matter how experienced an investor might be they are still prone to invest with emotions based on fear and greed. If they fear that they might miss the chance to make a big profit then their sense of greed can likely win over. Use this basic human trait to your advantage.

Following up with an investor afterwards is one of the most important things you can do after a pitch. A savvy investor may move on to the next investment before the week is through so do not let their interest cool. If they do say that they are in then you cannot just take their word for it. Until the money is in the bank, there is no deal.

There is no one simple way to get any investor to put their hard earned capital into a new and untested start up business but you can use these tactics to reel in even the biggest investors.