Is procrastination a problem for you? Even if it isn’t, we could probably all stand to be a little more productive in our day. Sometimes it feels like there’s not enough time to do all of the things we wanted to achieve. Whether you’re at the office or working from home, you can minimise time wasted and maximise productivity with a bit of organisation and willpower.

Steps to become more productive

1. Create a timetable for tasks
Every time you’re given a new task, figure out how long it will take you to complete. Then break up the task into components and set yourself time frames to finish them. Breaking up the time makes the task appear more manageable. It goes from being a large, time-consuming project to a few smaller ones. To your brain, it’s more interesting and much less daunting. Set yourself a deadline, if you don’t already have one. This will keep you personally accountable for finishing.

2. Remove gadgets from your workspace
Having your phone next to you is a big distraction. A study by Kleiner Perkins Caulfield and Byers found that the average user checks their phone nearly 150 times per day. Unless you need your gadgets handy to help you with what you’re working on, they’re better out of sight and out of mind.

3. Work out before work
Getting even ten minutes of exercise in the morning will help you out. Physical activity releases endorphins, which make you happy. Getting pumped up before you sit down at your desk is a great way to wake you up and motivate you.

4. Have your snacks on hand
Are you someone who only snacks when there’s something to be done? Some of us will spend minutes staring into the fridge when we’re not even hungry. But it’s something to do! Get your snacks and drinks ready and on the desk for when you get stuck on your tasks. Less time away from your desk means more time to be productive.

Old habits – like procrastination – are hard to break, especially with all of these distractions around. Being productive is beneficial to your mental health and of course your job performance. You can even apply these tips to your household tasks. Feeling in control of your time is important to moving forward in life and making sure you always achieve your goals. It also keeps your boss happy, which is always a good thing.