Every day, it seems like everything is getting more and more expensive. The wages, however, remain the same. So, when expenses are increasing, but the income is not, you’ve gotta do what you’ve gotta do, which sometimes amounts to creative, and even fairly gross budgeting. Some people have had to resort to shocking or embarrassing money-saving methods. Some of them are just cheap. Regardless of reason, here are some of their extreme saving and budgeting confessions.

Saving and Budgeting Confessions

Use up all that product!

You may have heard of people cutting up the packaging to get all the product out of things like toothpaste or makeup products, but one person decided to do the same thing with a deodorant stick. Their method included a knife and a lot of scraping of the sides of the stick, where product tends to pile up. According to their confession, they were able to make that deodorant last an entire extra month, by taking the bits and applying them under their pits by hand. That’s objectively a little gross, but hey, when things are tough…

Take advantage of Starbucks

Starbucks has taken advantage of you plenty of times with their burnt coffee and overpriced drinks, so now it’s time that you do the same, for budgeting reasons. They famously have free refills, so one person admitted to saving their coffee cup and taking it to their local Starbucks to get free refills – for weeks. Eventually, the cup started falling apart – it was just cardboard, after all, but they were able to save a pretty penny for all that time. Take that, Starbucks!

Disregard hygiene

This one is more than a little gross, but a lot of women are pretty upset at the so-called “pink tax” and how women’s products are consistently more expensive than their counterparts for men. Worse even, the feminine hygiene products that are expensive, but so necessary. Or so we think. In an effort towards smart budgeting, one woman stopped buying them altogether, opting, instead, for rolled up toilet paper. Sure, that saves money, but I can’t vouch for how effective that is. Yikes!

Get an (underage) deal!

You know how children, seniors and the disabled sometimes get deals? While it’s hard to fool someone into thinking you’re a senior or a child, and pretending you’re disabled makes you a terrible human being, the next best thing is to pretend you’re a teenager. Fake IDs are to pretend you’re younger, too, folks. That is exactly what one guy did, who pretended to be 17 in order to get cheaper drinks. The problem occurred when he got caught and embarrassingly had to pay up the difference. Great budgeting while it lasted!