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Brexit Impact on Australian Agricultural Exports

Brexit is expected to have numerous after-effects for the UK, but the truth is that not only British people will be affected by this. In fact, Marc Soccio, Rabobank senior analyst, warns about the negative impact of Brexit on Australian agricultural exports.
How does Brexit influence our agricultural exports?
According to Marc Soccio, the first thing we […]

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Switching Telco Providers for Better Service and Savings

Vexed Telco consumers who experience disruptions every few often shouldn’t hesitate to switch providers. In the recent months, an array of phone disruptions had hit numerous Telstra users. The experiences were far from being pleasant.

In this view, the spokesman of Telco comparison site – Joseph Hanlon – affirmed that in the position of the consumer, […]

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How to Detect Bad Investments

Investments help people obtain more money. Admit it or not, everybody wants to earn money to live a better quality of life and use it in the future. Having multiple jobs is one way to generate cash; however, it requires an abundance of time and energy. If you do not wish to lift a finger […]

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12 Ways to Enjoy Life And Save Money

If you’re an average Joe or an average Jane, working a 9 to 5 job and trying so hard not to spend money and save as much money as you can, you will definitely benefit from our list. You may want to go out with your friends and have fun but your budget just won’t […]

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Refinancing Benefits – Can be worth the costs

Refinancing is a good way to reduce or obtain lower interest rate. Investors need to determine why they want to refinance or is it really necessary to refinance. Identifying the main objective or purpose of refinancing makes your goal a lot easier. Some of the probable causes of refinancing is to switch to a lower […]

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Types of Debt Solutions for Debt Relief

Debt can be crippling; to your finances, your family and your future. If you have mounting debt from unpaid credit card bills or other loans then you might be experiencing harassing calls from debt collectors. If you are really far behind on payments then you might even a special debt collection agency that could be […]

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Home Improvement and Renovation Complimenting Property Value

If you own a home then you know that there is always something that could be renovated and even if it is a newly built home then there is usually something you could improve or add to bring up your property’s value. You might want to make your home more comfortable for you to live […]

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Debt Collectors and the Growing Debt Collection Industry

The stereotyped tax collectors of the old are now felt as the debt collectors of today. And in the eyes of the unpaying debtor they are the minions of large corporations that take away their money. Regardless of public opinion, a recent study shows that there is an increase in the activity of debt collectors […]

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Financial Stress Growing with Credit Card Debts

Financial stress is defined as a condition that occurs whenever income is less than the expenses. Sometimes we wonder how this can happen? How can someone spend more than what they earn. The answer is credit cards.

When you use a credit card to pay for something there is no actual money changing hands and this […]

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Loans with fixed interest rates could be the right way to go

The Reserve Bank of Australia recently cut interest rates again in February and since then the borrowing cost to consumers have continued to fall. With rates being so low, money is very cheap to borrow. Rates could fall even lower and make borrowing for a home or personal loan even cheaper but there is no […]

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