One of the first options available to people in financial difficulty is to refinance their home to release equity to pay off their debts. If you choose to do this, what it essentially means is that you will be paying off your mortgage for a little longer than at present. However, on the plus side, your name will not appear on any public record or credit file.

Another option is to renegotiate your debts with your creditors. To do this you can talk to us or go directly to your bank or lender.

A debt consolidation loan can be used to combine all of your monthly outgoings into one lower affordable monthly payment.

Option four is to take out a debt agreement, which our company specialises in. However, there are some financial criteria that you will need to adhere to in order to qualify.

Option five is to file for bankruptcy. This will mean that your name will be listed on a credit file. Bankruptcy has very serious consequences for the remainder of your life. We strongly advise that you do not take this step without first speaking to us.

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