If you’re an average Joe or an average Jane, working a 9 to 5 job and trying so hard not to spend money and save as much money as you can, you will definitely benefit from our list. You may want to go out with your friends and have fun but your budget just won’t let you do it. The following is a list of how to have fun and save money at the same time.

12 Ways to Have Fun And Save Money

Leisurely walks or bike rides – Have you seen or explored around your neighbourhood? This could be a fun activity since you’ll find out all the interesting things around you and even find some shortcuts you never knew existed! You can also explore around the city and find hidden gems like really nice coffee shops or quirky little stores you didn’t know about. If you own a bike, you can even go further and explore more. Think of the possibilities!

The park – Walking through the park, relaxing in the sun, feeling the grass between your toes and just being one with nature. You can have a nice picnic in the park with your family or friends and enjoy some quality time together. Let’s face it – people these days don’t do that anymore and we should treasure other people’s presence more.

Yard games – Throw the footy around, play some cricket, or just feel young again and play hide and seek or hopscotch. Getting out of the house is good for you. Especially if you’re always in-doors during work hours and at home all the time, getting some fresh air and playing outside can be good for you, mentally and physically.

Go swimming – Go to the beach, or if there’s a lake or a river nearby, you can go there too. Especially during summer, going swimming is one of the best fun and free activities you can do.

Movies – If you have some old DVDs or even old VHS tapes lying around the house, you can always watch them for fun and entertainment. It doesn’t cost you a thing. If you want more current releases, you can always pay just a few dollars to rent them as they come out. Or you could always watch Free TV for other types of TV shows and movies.

Library – Yes, libraries still exist and they’re everywhere. You can go there and read books and magazines, watch DVDs and listen to music. There are regular family activities at libraries where you can enjoy many different things. You may even be lucky enough to be at a book signing and meet your favourite author.

Board games – Board games are always fun (unless you’re playing Monopoly which usually ends in arguments but to each their own). Find old board games stashed up in the attic or somewhere in the depths of your family home, there’s bound to be a few. Discover how fun they can actually be, especially if you can put your own fun twist to it.

Clean and tidy up – You can also organise your home while you’re bored. Clean up, tidy up, get rid of all the unnecessary junk you may have accidentally hoarded throughout the years. It’ll do you good. Some people find it relaxing to clean and tidy up. Some even say it’s therapeutic in a way. And what’s not to like about it? The end product is a nice clean tidy house.

Reminisce – Look back on old photos and journals and think of all the great times you had in the past. Talk about them with your family and friends, everyone will enjoy it. Of course, don’t bring up any sad memories so you don’t bring them down. The point of this exercise is to have fun!

Writing – Do you have a story you want to put to pen and paper? Be creative. Write a story or a poem. You can even start your own autobiography. You never know, you might grow older to be a celebrity one day and by that time, you’ve already finished writing about your childhood and early adulthood.

Bucket lists – You can start on your bucket list. Think of all the things you want to do before you sign off, it may sound depressing right now but think of all the exciting things and you can day dream about them. You can even plan some things early on and save money to achieve those dreams. It’s a fun activity to do anyway without having to spend any money.

Budget planning – You can kill some time working on how you want to save money and plan you budget. It may sound a little boring but don’t forget, you’re doing this for yourself. This will only help you save more and spend less and take caution when you go shopping.